A small island a mile away at the northeast of Heraklia and a mile at south / southwest of Koufonissia. There are a few houses at the Mirsini bay and a small village the Hora on the hill above.

The port is at Mirsini bay at the the southwest of the island. The entrance is a bit difficult to locate. The passage between Skhinoussa and the small island of Argilos is shallow.

Skhinoussa port at Mirsini bay

The ferry peer is located at the northeast shores of Mirsini bay. You can dropping an anchor and go stern to the northeast side of the peer if there is room. You can also anchor in the bay or if your yacht has a shallow draft you can drop an anchor and go stern to the small peer at the northeast side of the bay right opposite the ferry peer. The depth there is around 2 metres at the north end of the peer. In summer season some yachts drop anchor at the bay and go stern to the rocky west coast and use their dinghy to go ashore.

Water supply is available at the ferry peer.

The Chora is 1 km on top of the hill and offers super market, several restaurants and couple of bars. A nice restraurant with home produce and fair prices is the Eight Brothers.